See what our community is saying about CUMAC...

CUMAC is a wonderful organization that is dedicated to making a positive impact in the community by changing people’s lives through their philanthropic initiatives.
— CUMAC Board Member
I have volunteered with CUMAC often over the past few years. I am consistently impressed with the level of dedication and enthusiasm displayed by the staff. The facility itself is a warm labor of love and reaches a staggering number of those in need. The staff treats their clients with respect and empathy. I applaud CUMAC for the great work they do and they continue to be my favorite charitable organization in New Jersey.
— CUMAC Volunteer
The hurricane was catastrophic but it’s a sense of relief to know that you’re not alone and that CUMAC will always be there for those in need.
— Disaster Victim
Thanks to CUMAC in my house there are always fruits and vegetables for my family.
— CUMAC client