What is Giving Tuesday? It's a holiday dedicated to giving back! Founded in 2012 by New York's 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation, Giving Tuesday has turned into a movement, helping raise hundreds of millions of dollars for nonprofits worldwide since its inception. Celebrated on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving every year, Giving Tuesday aims to kick off the season of giving in a major way. Be part of the movement and find a way to give this year.

Looking for a great way to make a difference? Every dollar donated to CUMAC for Giving Tuesday goes even further thanks to a special matching challenge. 

The Challenge:

Two generous donors have pledged to give CUMAC $10,000 if we're able to raise $10,000 for Giving Tuesday. We are up to the challenge, but we need your support. Can you help us reach our goal?


We're Changing Lives Every Day. Help Us Do More.

When you give to CUMAC, you provide our community with the support and resources they need most. See how CUMAC is changing lives... 

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Meet Teresa

A decade ago Teresa was raising 5 kids, struggling on welfare and going to school.  She had been placed at a number of work sites to fill welfare requirements, but she really wanted to find a job.  She remembers those years saying “I wanted a future and no one was providing that.” Teresa was mopping floors at city hall when she decided she wanted to go into nonprofit work to help people, which is how she wound up in CUMAC’s Pathways to Work program.  Teresa started her training in the thrift shop, learning how to sort clothes and keep the place going. She recounts, “A year passed and I got called into the boss’s office.  She told me she was giving me a job as thrift shop assistant. Then I got called in a few months later, and they made me manager! I was so proud, but I was nervous. I stepped up because the boss said I could. I was afraid, but I learned and I was so proud of myself!”  Before CUMAC, Teresa never thought she’d find a job.  She’ll tell you she found the help she wanted at CUMAC and she came into her own here.  Not only did Teresa find what she was looking for, but she was able to create a better future for her kids too.  When Teresa's twin girls graduated high school she remembers “I wanted them to go to college, but I had never been there.  I didn’t know what to do to help.”  Luckily, the CUMAC family was there to help with FAFSAs and applications.  With a little support, both girls made it into great schools!  Teresa says with pride now: "I wanted my girls to go to college and they did, and I was right by their side leading them. One graduated and studied in Spain, the other is graduating this year.  They’ve touched places I never touched and I’m so proud of them!”


Meet Kayann

Several years ago, Kayann lost her job and became homeless. Suddenly she found herself at CUMAC’s pantry to feed herself and her 4 children, where the support she received helped her keep her family safe during that difficult time. While struggling with hunger and homelessness, Kayann felt stuck and powerless. Fortunately, with a little help that’s all changed now. Kayann eventually found a place to call home and now works with CUMAC as our Volunteer Liaison. “Having support around me has given me the confidence to try new things” says Kayann. One of her favorite parts about coming to work is helping educate others on hunger and homelessness. “When you’ve struggled in your life, it feels good to find a position that allows you to use that experience and do something positive with it” she says. Kayann is doing that every day and she loves being able to make a difference in her community, where so many struggle to makes ends meet. CUMAC works in a neighborhood where over 1/3 of residents struggling with hunger, our pantry and other programs provide a lifeline. The rate of hunger among us is alarming, but Kayann and our team take pride in knowing that community members don’t have to face their struggles alone. “We treat everyone like family here” says Kayann. “You can come to CUMAC on your worst day, and we’re going to get through it together.”

Our Programs


CUMAC has provided disaster relief to over 300 individuals and families this year. Your support makes it possible.

When I lost everything CUMAC was there. I will never forget that.
— Disaster victim


Our pantries provide over 2,500 individuals and families every month with food and other essentials.

Thanks to CUMAC, in my home there are always fruits and vegetables for my family. What a blessing.
— Pantry client
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With thousands struggling with homelessness, Place of Promise provides our community with options.

What a gift this has been. It’s the kind of home I’ve always wanted.
— Resident