Why Volunteer With CUMAC?

Last year alone, volunteers donated over 40,000 hours of time to CUMAC, allowing our programs to reach over 38,000 people struggling with hunger. With those incredible numbers in mind, we asked some of our regular helpers what they love about volunteering. Here's what they told us...

Volunteering at CUMAC makes me feel like I’m making a difference. It’s rewarding to be able to give back and help the community I live in and I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to lend a hand where it’s needed.
— Gianna
CUMAC is an amazing organization that takes care of families, and we get the opportunity to take care of CUMAC by volunteering our time.
— Team Microsoft, Willowbrook Mall
Our club is devoted to giving back to the community, especially in and around our university, and also to exposing students to potentially career-inspiring experiences. We are excited to assist an organization like CUMAC that is working to make a difference in the lives of those in need.
— Michael, Sociology Club of William Paterson University
We enjoy volunteering at CUMAC; it comes naturally to us because volunteering is a part of our lives. To us, it’s not an obligation. It is something we do to help others who are in need.
— The Zimmerman Family
As a future registered dietitian, CUMAC is one of my favorite places to spend my time. With the unique ability to distribute fruit and vegetables, CUMAC works hard to provide proper nutrition for all — something I can certainly stand behind!
— Ayla
Three things about volunteering weekly at CUMAC: We’re making a genuine difference in people’s lives, CUMAC inspires and unites our church in mission, and the volunteer coordinators make it a joy to serve!
— Pastor Chuck, Totowa United Methodist Church
I love what I’m doing. I love helping people. I love CUMAC. We’re one big happy family.
— Mattie
Volunteering at CUMAC made me realize how blessed I am and how I should share my blessings to those who need them more than I do.
— Emily

We're lucky to have such an amazing team of volunteers. Thanks to all of you who are fighting hunger with us day in and day out. Without you, our work simply wouldn't be possible. 

Do you love volunteering? Tell us about it in the Comments section! Want to get involved? Check out our volunteer section or contact Stephanie Ames for more information.