What's Cooking? Fun With Food In Our Pantry

Food Demos Collage.png

CUMAC is teaming up with our friends at Passaic County Community College's Food Service Training program! Led by Chef Robert Ekert, the PCCC team has been visiting CUMAC to teach our clients about cooking and food safety through regular food demos in our pantry. Recently, our clients have learned exciting new ways to use different types of produce and other rescued items that are given out daily in our pantry. Chef Robert even taught a class about what can be done with leftover bread! To everyone’s enjoyment, our clients learned how to make bread crumbs, croutons, pizza bread, bruschetta, and much more. Not only did this provide great dinner recipes, it was also a valuable lesson in how to reduce food waste.

Along with sampling different foods, clients have received valuable lessons in food safety and knife skills through our food demos. PCCC will first teach a lesson, then do demonstrations for all to see. After each demonstration, clients have the opportunity to ask questions about the lesson and other topics. For clients and staff alike, having the opportunity to ask professionals about food has truly been an enlightening experience.

It’s no surprise that the food demos, educational and delicious, have been a huge hit in our pantry. As CUMAC continues to grow, our staff will be providing more learning opportunities like this for our clients. We hope that these demos will encourage our clients to work on their cooking skills, experiment with different foods, and make the most of the items they receive in the pantry.

We’d like to send a big thank you to Chef Robert and our friends at PCCC for sharing their knowledge and passion with us. We look forward to more food demos in the months ahead!

To learn more about PCCC's program please call Jim Hornes, Director of Food Service Training, at 973-684-5757.