Partners In Our Work

“Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.”  – Elizabeth Andrew

Many of us struggle to find the balance between our professional life, our social life and our philanthropic life. We want to give back to our community somehow, but don’t necessarily have the time. Fortunately, with the help of corporate volunteer programs, getting involved is now becoming simpler than ever for many. At companies across the country individuals are being given the opportunity to take time from their regular work day to provide hands on service throughout their communities. The benefits have been enormous.

Through corporate volunteering, individuals have the chance to not only help organizations improve, but they also help themselves and their company improve. Here are some key reasons why you should get your workplace to volunteer: it grows your company’s visibility and it encourages professional development, leadership and team building.

For corporations like Columbia Bank and NEC Financial Services, free time is not something they necessarily have; it’s what they do with it. In recent months, both companies have been putting their best foot forward to make time to give back to their community.

Along with their financial support, Columbia Bank has organized a new program which challenges employees to routinely volunteer. Employees are on site at CUMAC every two weeks for a full day to assist with various projects.  New staff members are also encouraged to volunteer with the team, both as a team building experience and as a way to introduce them to Columbia's philanthropic priorities. The groups may vary in size, but their efforts to complete projects are immeasurable. They approach each project with enthusiasm and strategically to assure that each person is a part of the process.

NEC Financial Services has been an asset through different areas at CUMAC. Along with volunteering, the company has regularly held food drives and collections. On various occasions, NEC has consulted with CUMAC regarding building projects that would be beneficial to our daily operations, along with providing further assistance through grant funding from its affiliate, NEC Foundation of America. Just minutes away from the NEC office, CUMAC has become sort of a home away from home for their team, giving staff an opportunity to provide volunteer support directly to their community on a regular basis.

These companies are going above and beyond to create a culture of giving and we’re honored to call them partners in our work. Although only two corporate groups were mentioned, CUMAC would like to thank all our corporate volunteers for taking the time to help CUMAC fight hunger.