One Afternoon In Our Pantry

Pantry Team.jpg

A mother walks into our pantry with her young daughter and son the other day. They’re tired and haven’t had a decent meal in days. After hours of searching for help, the family found their way to CUMAC. We quickly learn that mom lost her job a few months back, and eventually the family had to give up their home. Forced to move from shelter to shelter, they’ve faced weeks of stress and uncertainty. They need support like never before and fortunately our team is ready to help, and not just with food, but with kindness and love.  As their grocery bags are prepared, Jeni, one our team members, gives the children a package of apple slices to snack on. The young boy smiles, his face lighting up in joy with each bite. Our team then brings out food, hygiene products and other essentials for the family. Halloween was just a few days away, so our staff even brought out two costumes for the kids to brighten up their day. The boy wastes no time and immediately puts his costume on, right there in the pantry.

For a brief moment, all desperation and concern leaves the room. The mother lets out a huge sigh of relief. “You have no idea how much this means, you made my day” she says with a big smile. “That’s what we’re here for” says Jeni. “You’ve always got somewhere you can go.” She then refers the family to CUMAC's case manager, where they can get additional support and resources. The mother gives Jeni a big hug, and Jeni invites her to come back soon.

Before the family leaves, the mother stops for a moment, tears in her eyes. “Thank you” she says to Jeni. “It’s been a really bad day. This means so much.”

No one should have to worry about how they’re going to feed their families or how to keep a roof over their head. Sadly, for too many of our neighbors, hunger and homelessness are a constant threat. Luckily, with CUMAC, our neighbors never have to feel like they’re alone. Our staff is here, day in and day out, to ensure that families like this one get the care and support they need most. Thank you for making it possible.

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