It's National Volunteer Month!

April is National Volunteer Month so we would like to take a minute to thank all of the wonderful volunteers that share their time and talent with us! Week in and week out, you’ll find these kind individuals and groups around our building, working together to ensure that our neighbors have the resources they need to stay healthy and hunger-free. Last year, 1827 volunteers donated over 6,500 hours to CUMAC! With their support, our team was able to serve over 50,000 of our neighbors in need and distribute over 1.5 million meals. Talk about impact! Whether our volunteers are packing bags of hygiene products or sorting through fresh produce, their hard work and dedication never fails to amaze us.

To celebrate National Volunteer Month, we asked some of our volunteers what they love about giving back. Here’s what they said…


“I love bringing the youth group from our church to CUMAC to volunteer because it gives us a tangible way to be better neighbors. Youth learn about hunger in our community and are inspired by example of CUMAC’s staff who take the time to teach us about their work, show us hospitality, and we always have fun, too.”

- Katrina, Union Congregational Church


“I like to volunteer because I like to help people that are less fortunate than me.”

-  Sergio

Andrea M.jpg

“Nothing glamorous about why I volunteer. I volunteer for the selfish reason that it makes me feel good.  Gives me a purpose.  If I could not volunteer I would shrivel up into a depressed person. Not to mention that volunteering at CUMAC involves a lot of laughing!  AND I get to be with my sister-in-law!”

-  Andrea


“It’s such a special experience getting the opportunity to be of service to others. CUMAC has become a place where I can turn off the busyness of everyday life and focus on giving back to those in need. The staff and other volunteers help to provide a great environment for this.”

 - Justin

Nancy M.jpg

“I love volunteering at CUMAC because everyone there appreciates the work the volunteers do.”

- Nancy

Cornerstone Church.jpg

“Our church always look forward to the smiles of everyone at CUMAC each month and we are honored to volunteer at CUMAC, to help with your goal in feeding people and changing lives.”

-  Amanda, Cornerstone Church

Carol M.jpg

"I have been inspired by Andrea, the CUMAC team, and all the people that walk through the door on a daily basis. I volunteer to be part of a community that strives to improve the lives of others."

- Carol


“I started coming to CUMAC with my church as part of a Lent Challenge a few years ago. We were going to volunteer for 6 weeks. When I came, I loved it. The people here are so nice and it’s very rewarding. I just figured I’m going to keep on doing it. I’ve been coming here ever since. When I give my time, it makes me feel good. And it’s nice to know that I’ve done something good for someone.”

- Ruth


“I volunteer at CUMAC to help provide food to those in need.”

- Mark


“Volunteering is what keeps me connected to my community. It allows me to give back what I can while making connections with those who value kindness towards others and compassion.”

- Mia

To all of our volunteers, new and old, thank you for feeding people & changing lives with us. Your impact shows what is possible when we work together!

Want to help make a difference? National Volunteer Month is a perfect time to get involved! Our team is looking for volunteers to help in our warehouse on weekdays, especially in the mornings. If you’d like to get involved please call (973-742-5518) or e-mail our Program Coordinator, Akeeera Weathers.

Can’t get to CUMAC during the week? Join our race team! Team CUMAC will be running/walking in a special event this fall called the Halloween 5K to Scare Hunger Away. Call or e-mail us to learn more.