National Give Something Away Day

Many people struggle to balance their work life and social life which leaves little room for philanthropy. They often state, “If I had more time in a day or days in a week I could get more done”. What if I told you there was a way to include philanthropy in your schedule without much interruption.

July 15th is recognized as “National Give Something Away Day”. The day was created to give people the opportunity to share their plentiful bounties with others without expectations or limitations. There are a number of simple ways to celebrate this day. Listed below are a few ideas that could help you get started:
•    Give your time volunteering
•    Give clothing and/or shoes (all sizes)
•    Give a bag of groceries
•    Give a bag of hygiene products
•    Give a backpack full of school supplies
•    Give plastic grocery bags
•    Give baby items (food, diapers, wipes or formula)
If you’re looking for a way to celebrate National Give Something Away Day, this is your perfect opportunity. Share this day with family and friends via social media to encourage them to join in on the celebration by using #cumacfeeds #givesomethingawayday or #hungerhelpers.

For more information about CUMAC operating hours or other ways of giving, please visit our opportunities page or give us a call (973-742-5518).