Healthy Foods, Healthy Homes

It’s 9:30 am and our driving team is getting back from their first route of the day. “500 pounds of fruits and veggies” says our driver, Bert. “Nice way to start the morning!” This may seem extraordinary, but for the staff of CUMAC, it’s business as usual. Every day you can find our trucks on the road picking up food to help feed the hungry. Those fruits and veggies, rescued from a local supermarket, are quickly brought into our warehouse, where they are sorted and packed into grocery bags by our team of volunteers. By 11:00 am those bags are moving into our pantry, going straight to clients who desperately need them.

bert, cumac's senior driver, holding fresh produce from his morning pick up.

bert, cumac's senior driver, holding fresh produce from his morning pick up.

Those bags are supporting clients like Mary, a grandmother in her 60’s with diabetes. Thanks to the fruits and vegetables Mary receives in our pantry, she’s able to stick to a healthy diet even on a fixed income. “It helps with my grandkids too” she tells us. “They love the apples and oranges.”

Those fruits and vegetables also help clients like Michael, who rely on CUMAC to make ends meet. Despite working a full time job, Michael is living paycheck to paycheck.  Fortunately, trips to CUMAC always bring him some relief. With just a single hot plate in his apartment, cooking isn’t always easy for Michael so he especially appreciates the fresh produce he can get in our pantry on a regular basis. “You have no idea how much those groceries mean” he tells us. “It helps a lot.”

Last year CUMAC provided 35,000 people with food through our food rescue efforts alone. This year we hope to reach even more people. We’d like to thank all of our supporters for making it possible. When you donate to CUMAC, you help fuel our trucks, you power our refrigerators, and you help ensure that thousands of families around our community have the ability to provide fresh, nutritious meals. Together, we’re creating a happier, healthier community. Thank you for making it possible! 

This story originally appeared in CUMAC's winter newsletter. To read more click here.