Giving Thanks, Giving Back

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Thanksgiving is around the corner and for many of us that means loved ones, laughter, and plenty of delicious food. Unfortunately, for many of our neighbors, Thanksgiving can be a time full of stress and fear. According to a recent study, 1.2 million New Jersey households are struggling to meet their basic needs. In other words, more than one third of our neighbors have trouble affording essentials like food, housing, and healthcare. As you can imagine, during the holiday season, it only gets more challenging for families living on a tight budget. Many of our neighbors are forced to make hard decisions to make ends meet, and that can often impact their health and well-being.

Fortunately, our neighbors don’t need to face their struggles alone. CUMAC's food pantry provides groceries to more than 2,500 low-income and food insecure individuals per month. Our daily distribution of produce and fresh items reach an additional 4,000 people monthly, which means we’re helping keep our neighbors hunger-free and healthy. With the holidays fast approaching, we expect to serve even more clients in the weeks ahead.

Clients waiting outside of CUMAC’s food pantry during Thanksgiving Week 2017

Clients waiting outside of CUMAC’s food pantry during Thanksgiving Week 2017

As you reflect on your blessings this season, we ask you to please remember those who may be less fortunate. Our team will be working hard to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors this month gets the support they need and we hope you’ll join us. What better way to show your gratitude this season than through an act of kindness? Consider giving back this month by making a donation, volunteering your time, or holding a food drive. Together we can ensure that every family in our community has a Thanksgiving to remember!

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Thank you for making our work possible. This Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for supporters like you.