Eat Your Veggies!

Eat Your Veggies.jpg

I can still hear my mom’s voice “Eat your fruits and vegetables, they are good for you!”  And as an adult, I echoed those same sentiments to my boys.  Lucky for me and my family, fresh fruits and veggies have been part and parcel of daily life. Now, with thanks to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables will become a staple among pantry clients in the Passaic County community. 

During the past several months, CUMAC has become a distribution hub in Passaic County for fresh produce. The Food Bank has arranged for produce distributors to deliver several pallets of produce to CUMAC’s warehouse twice a month.  In turn, CUMAC shares that produce with its clients, pantry partners and food coalition members to enable individuals and families throughout the County to receive fresh produce. “Last week the fruit we received was in terrific condition.  It was ripe, delicious and our clients were so pleased,” commented Joanne from a local pantry.

In a county where large segments of the population are food insecure and cannot afford fresh, healthy food, this program has generated excitement and positive energy.  Providing wide scale access to nutritious foods will enable CUMAC to help individuals and families, living with hunger and poverty, make improvements to their meals and quality of life. The produce program has been very well received and now moms in Passaic County can say more regularly “Eat your fruits and vegetables. They’re good for you!”