Celebrating With Kindness

Lucy Birthday Collection.jpg

Lucy may only be in elementary school, but she’s fighting hunger in a major way. This awesome 9-year-old recently used her birthday party as an opportunity to make a difference in her community. Instead of having gifts at this year's celebration, Lucy asked her friends and family to make a donation to the hungry.

Lucy told us that she was inspired by some of the lessons that she's learned at her Hebrew school at Barnert Temple about kindness. After hearing about the importance of giving back, she wanted to find ways to take action locally. Realizing that she didn’t really need anything for her birthday, Lucy decided to turn her big day into a big collection. The response was incredible. We're happy to share that her birthday party raised over $1,000 to feed our neighbors in need!

The other day Lucy stopped by CUMAC to drop off some donations and she tells us that she's already brainstorming new ways to help others. She can’t wait to come back to volunteer and she wants to get her Girl Scout troop involved as well!

 Lucy, you continue to amaze us with your generosity and thoughtfulness. Thank you for all that you do to make your community a better place.