One Small Idea Can Make A Big Difference


Brett and Esther Zuckerman live in Ridgewood, NJ with their two children, Ellie and David. The Zuckermans are an active family and are always looking for ways to give back. They’ve held coat drives, volunteered at local agencies and assisted with special events around our area. Recently they discovered CUMAC and decided to support our work in a unique way.

Brett’s father worked for a fine glassware company and over the years he developed a huge collection that was stored in his basement. The glassware wasn’t being used, and so the family decided to have a special sale and donate the proceeds to CUMAC.

The Zuckerman family made signs, set up tables full of items, and even put up a huge Tiki man in front of their house to draw attention to the sale. They also set up a stand where the kids sold lemonade and homemade brownies throughout the event from their driveway. It was a long day for the Zuckermans, but they told us that it was completely worth it. The event had a great turnout and the family was amazed by the generosity of their customers. Many people paid extra for the glassware after learning it was for CUMAC, some stopped by just to make a donation.


“I kept telling my kids that you feed a person a meal, it's just a one-time event” says Brett. “But if you give a family a bag or two or three of groceries, you can feed them for a week and give them some control of their lives.” That sentiment kept their family motivated all day long. When the event was finally over, the Zuckerman family raised over $1,100 to feed people & change lives. We were blown away. Thanks to this amazing family for their incredible generosity and for reminding us that we all have the power to make a difference!