Meet Our New Volunteer Coordinator

Join us in welcoming Akeera Weathers to the CUMAC family! With Stephanie Ames now leading CUMAC’s Development team, Akeera has taken on Stephanie’s former position as Community Engagement Coordinator, Volunteers. Having several years of experience in recruiting, training and supervising volunteers, Akeera is up to the challenge of managing a volunteer department that handles close to 3,000 volunteers every year.  

In the short time Akeera has been with CUMAC, she has already seen how important volunteers are to CUMAC’s work. “CUMAC would not be where and what it is today if it were not for volunteers who strongly believe in CUMAC’s mission” says Akeera. We couldn’t agree with her more.

Every day you’ll find volunteers around our building, giving our programs the support they need most. Last year, volunteers donated tens of thousands of hours of time, allowing CUMAC to serve over 40,000 people in need. Without our volunteers CUMAC’s work simply wouldn’t be possible.

As a graduate of William Paterson University, Akeera is especially excited about working in a community that’s so near and dear to her heart. She also looks forward to using her many skills and talents to help an organization that she truly admires. “When people walk through the doors of CUMAC they are welcomed without judgment and eager hearts. CUMAC is a place of hope.” Under Akeera’s direction, we know great things are ahead for CUMAC and our volunteer department. Welcome to the team Akeera!