Kick Off the Holidays By Giving Back

The holidays are officially here. While many of us are spending the days after Thanksgiving decorating our homes or gift shopping, over 1 million people in New Jersey will be thinking about where their next meal is coming from. That’s why we’re taking part in Giving Tuesday, a holiday dedicated to giving back, and we hope you’ll join us this week! In honor of this new holiday, consider holding a food drive, volunteering, making a donation, or simply spreading the word about hunger. Any action, large or small, can help keep food on the table for someone in need.   

Your support assists clients like Anthony, a recent college graduate living in Passaic, who was struggling to make ends meet. Anthony was accustomed to living on a tight budget, but when his car broke down a few weeks back, the cost of repairs wiped out his savings. To make matters worse, Anthony was laid off from his full-time job just days after the repairs, leaving him with no time to restore his “rainy day” fund. With Anthony’s bank account close to empty and his food supply running low, panic began to set in. After a few days of skipping meals and going to bed hungry, Anthony decided to call CUMAC. It was his first time calling a food pantry so he was pretty nervous about it. Fortunately, he was greeted by a comforting voice on the other end of the phone line, ready to offer assistance. That same afternoon Anthony came to CUMAC, and the food he received allowed him to have his first meal in three days. He struggled to fight back the tears as our staff brought out his grocery bags. As he turned to leave, one staff member told him that he could always give CUMAC a call. With a big smile he nodded and walked away. 

Anthony came back a few weeks later, but this time under very different circumstances. He started a new job and stopped by our pantry just to say thank you.  At a time when he had nowhere to turn, the help he received from CUMAC was enough to get him through the worst of times. 

Thousands of our fellow neighbors face the same situation as Anthony and every day we do our best to serve them. CUMAC has assisted over 35,000 people in need this year, providing everything from grocery assistance to disaster relief to job training and supportive housing. Supporters like you make it possible. This holiday season we ask you to please keep our neighbors in mind and give back any way you can. Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to start! Whether you’re donating food, clothing, funds, or your time, it all makes a difference in the fight against hunger. Be part of the solution this Giving Tuesday. Your generosity can change lives. 

Giving back this holiday season? We want to hear about it! Share your good deed with us on  FacebookTwitterInstagram or with a comment. Your kind action can help inspire others to get involved! To give to CUMAC visit our Donate or Opportunities pages.